Cinémoi Celebrates Media That Matters

For the month of April, the internationally-acclaimed lifestyle channel, Cinémoi is taking a stand and recognizing Media that Matters by curating a tailored list of programs that support cultural diversity, women empowerment, and green content for Earth Day. The company states, “What we air on our channel mirrors who we are, our voice and what we believe should be acknowledged by the public. As a contributor to the media, it’s time to push quality and diverse culture over monotone insignificance. From an Earth Day special to trailblazers ahead of their time like Sidney Poitier, transgender performers and a choir that developed in a Nazi concentration camp; these untold stories need to be heard, and our network wants to facilitate the opportunity that allows the people to listen.”

April is Women Empowerment Month at Cinémoi

Our curated programming during the month of April will revolve around celebrating powerhouse women in film, music, television, and fashion. We will be airing specials involving well-known feminist icons like Vivienne Westwood and Anna Karenina. We will honor everything they have contributed to furthering women’s role in culture from being the first woman to wear pants in a film to pushing boundaries within the fashion industry. Not only will we spotlight established names, but more importantly we will focus on the untold stories and unknown heroines. Our critically-acclaimed documentary, the Girls in the Band follows little celebrated but historically important women of the early jazz days. Melba Liston and Clora Bryant not only broke barriers as female musicians in a male-dominated field but tore the racial barriers as talented African American women forging their own paths.

Cinémoi Celebrates Cultural Diversity!

Cinémoi proudly presents curated programming that reflects our rich cultural diversity. In an ever-changing landscape representation of previously unheard voices, they will come to the forefront not only in April programming but in Cinémoi programming year round. Award-winning documentaries representing people of color and the LGBTQA+ communities will receive a special spotlight. Stories include real-life experiences of Sudanese author, Mende Nazer who had to overcome numerous obstacles in order to tell her story. Monochrome: Black, White, and Blue chronicles add to the rich cultural contributions of the African American community to the United States. From touching upon the trails and tribulations faced during the struggle for freedom to current challenges faced in the modern era; Carlotta follows the story of an Australian transgender showgirl spanning four decades. We are honored to represent films that ignite the journey of self-discovery.